Election Process

Setting up an election on pepvote is quick and straightforward.
Voting and publishing the election result is super easy.

Setup Election

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Voting Process

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Election Result

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Some Election Types

PEPVOTE can be used for a wide range of elections, votes and polls. The features we offer simlifies election setting up, the voting process for your voters and other election processes.

Do you have any questions, visit our frequently asked questions page for more information, support and help.

Election Type Examples

School SUG Elections

Organization Voting
voting of Executive Officers, Board of Directors etc.

Awards and Nominations

Candidate Membership Approvals

Opinion Voting

Public Polls
pepvote can also be used for public polls where ANYBODY CAN VOTE
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About Us
Pepvote is an online electronic voting platform built simply for managing elections and other election processes.
Handle all your school sug elections, organisation board voting, award shows and nominations here on pepvote.

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