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Election Process

Setup Election
Voting Process
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System Features

Ubiquituous Voting
Vote from anywhere
Mobile Friendly
Cast votes with your smartphone, laptop or computer
Secured Voting
Each Voter votes using a unique Voter ID and Voter Key
Polling Officer Dashboard
Polling Officers have their own dashboard to help the Election Manager run the Election
Live Result
Voters can view the elction results in realtime as votes are submitted
Voting Time Limit
Limit Voters Time to vote. 5 minutes by default
Self Registration
Candidates and Voters can register themselves to ease Polling Officers
Import Candidates and Voters
Save some time by importing your candidate and voters list from a CSV file
PCPV Aliasing
Give Positions, Candidates, Parties and Voters aliases like Offices, Aspirants, Faculties and Students
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How we work

Self Service
Self service means you do it yourself. you may also designate someone or a group of people (election body) to setup the election for you. Create the election by adding details such as election title, date, time, election logo and so on. Provide the system a list of candidates and voters by creating or uploading them and toggle the various election settings provided by pepvote at will.
if it is your first time, we advise you setup a test election first.
Assisted Service
If you would like us to assist you in setting up your election. All you need to do is to provide us with details of your election, list of candidates (optional) and voters. You can review the setup to ensure it meets your needs. We can even run a test of the election for you. After the election voting process you can publish the voting results for the public to access.
Managed Service
In addition to receiving assistance from pepvote team, if you would like us to manage your election for you. We can do it for you. Our managed service provides you with the ultimate election integrity and independence as it removes the issue of perceived conflict of interest.
Voting Center Service
Do you usually have a meeting where all your members need to vote? The PEPVOTE TEAM can be there to ensure your voting process is smooth. Using the pepvote platform, you can have our team setup the election, monitor the voting process and experience, provide expert advice and assistance and to make sure you voting process is observable, free, fair and void of electoral malpractices.
pepvote supports offline voting with multiple polling units.

Our Blog

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By Tunji Oye • Jan 10, 2019
The Association of Resident Doctors University College Hospital Ibadan (ARD UCH) used pepvote to their elect new executives. Their where multiple polling units for voters to cast their votes. At the e...
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By Tunji Oye • Oct 5, 2018
BAND CDS Ado Ekiti adopts PEPVOTE to elect new Executives for 2018 Batch A and It was a lovely experience. Voters casted their votes with ease and the election committee announced the election result...
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By Tunji Oye • Sep 26, 2018
NYSC EDUICT Ado Ekiti adopts PEPVOTE to elect new Executives for 2018 Batch A and It was wonderful.

About Us
Pepvote is an online electronic voting platform built simply for managing elections and other election processes.
Handle all your school sug elections, organisation board voting, award shows and nominations here on pepvote.

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